About Me

Many people enjoy spending their leisure time in gardening and landscaping. I am one of those. My name is Ted Sturf, a spirited nature lover, living in the suburbs of San Carlos. From my young days, I have had a deep passion for gardening and landscaping. It is, for this reason, I made my career in the same and now have an experience of over 20 years in this field.
My wife and two kids also enjoy gardening and so most of our leisure time is spent in the open garden in front of our house. After I had quit my job, I took to blogging about landscaping, mowing and gardening and I seem to enjoy every bit of it.
My blogs speak about tips, tricks and other useful information regarding landscaping, gardening and mowing. If you follow my blogs, you are soon to learn the artful skills of creating a perfect landscape and modelling a beautiful garden setup. You can also contact me if you want any specific ideas and strategies on gardening and landscaping.