All About Gardening: Preparing Your Yard For Winter


Winter, for most people and especially gardeners, is one of the most troublesome seasons. How can you keep your yard healthy during those cold, wintry months?

September is usually the month to start preparing your yard for winter. It’s early enough so that you can have all the necessary preparations before Christmas and New Years, as well as the first snow.

First of all, protect your yard and plants with mulch. It protects your plants and guards them against colder temperatures. If you spread it around the base of trees and shrubs in your yard, it will protect them from harsher weather as well. It will also prevent stems and bark from rotting if you keep mulch two inches away from stems and bark.

Secondly, get a soil test done. This will tell you exactly how much amendment to add to it. Once you know the type and amount, then you can aerate the ground, which reduces compaction. This makes it easier for water and fertilizer to reach the roots.

Thirdly, reinvigorate thin areas with compost and seed. Remember to go across in a criss-crossing path.