Don’t get lost in gardening – romantic gift ideas for busy couples

You wonder at the amount of time you were able to spend together when you first met. Lazy Sunday mornings with breakfast in bed. Meals out after the theater. Spur of the moment decisions to head to the beach or go on a picnic. And then baby made you three and changed your lives forever, or you changed jobs and suddenly all that time disappeared as you adjusted to new roles and responsibilities.

The gift of time

timeTime is the biggest gift we can give to the people we love, yet time is the biggest difficulty when planning a romantic date with your lover. Whilst it might not sound very romantic, sit together and compare your schedules to find some time where you can be together. By sticking with your agreed time, you are letting each other know that your relationship is important and that you care about each other.

When you have your time together share your feelings, be attentive to each other and create good memories. Enjoy each others company with an activity that brings you together without phones, television or computers. Play a board game (see a list here), go bowling, go for a walk. Recreate one of your best first dates. Alternatively, try a new experience together. Hire a tandem and cycle off to a rural restaurant. Take a couples-only weekend retreat to remind yourselves that you’re lovers as well as parents. Rekindle old hobbies you once shared or find a new one that fits into your current lifestyle.

Whilst together, talk share your feelings, thoughts, ideas, and desires. Be attentive to each other. It may be that you are able to agree changes to your lifestyle that enables you to spend more time together.

Forever gifts

foreverShow you care for your sweetheart with a gift you know they will love and cherish. Perhaps a keepsake that will last for years such as a monogrammed purse or wallet in which you can put your favourite photograph of yourself so that you’re always with them, even when apart. You can also check for some good ideas. Book a date with a professional photographer to create a picture you can treasure.

If your partner likes jewellery, gift a bold colourful bracelet or necklace in her favourite colours or if her style is more classic choose precious metals and birthstones. If your wedding rings were purchased on a budget, consider replacing or adding to these, particularly if you are celebrating a milestone marriage anniversary.

If you’re a couple who have accumulated all that you need in your life, consider a joint gift that can become a future heirloom for your family. This may be a precious metal ornament or other work of art or a special piece of furniture you can both enjoy.

Write a love note to your lover to let them know how proud you are to be with them. Thank them for specific things they have done to show their love for you and how grateful you are. If you’re not good with words, borrow from a love poem or from a song that is meaningful to you.

A touching gift

dinnerSpend your special day celebrating each other. Learn how to give foot massages (help at Paint her nails (and his, if he’s keen). Have a romantic dinner at home with your favourite foods. Try oysters or chocolate if you prefer, both of which are aphrodisiacs and enjoy the sexual intimacy with your lover that follows. Cuddle after sex, talk, and use it as an opportunity to be close in all ways.

Organise childcare with family and friends and have the house to yourself where you can be lovers again. Kiss, cuddle, hold hands and be more openly affectionate than usual. You’ll love the way it makes you feel.

Make a renewed commitment to both enjoy non-sexual physical contact on a daily basis. It’ll likely improve yours sex life. Hugs are very special, they say everything from ‘I adore you’, ‘I’m so proud of you’, ‘I’ve missed you’ and ‘Everything will be OK’, so don’t be shy. Also, kiss your loved one before he leaves for work and when he returns. Link arms or hold hands when out walking. Dance around your living room to your favourite songs.