Artificial turf – why it’s good for use


Natural grass is a thing of the past, with turf you will never water, mow, or fertilize again! Artificial turf will beautify your home, impress your neighbors, and save time and money on maintenance. Beautiful all year long, without having to worry about sun spots, pet stains, or discoloration and child safe!


Artificial turf is perfect for Apartments, Industrial buildings, Churches, and schools. From sun up to sun down your commercial space will look well manicured, keep your costs down and your property value up.

Pet and RV

For an easy, convenient, and affordable solution for RV’s and Dog Runs. Simply roll out turf when needed and roll up to go! A perfect solution for any portable turf need.



Artificial turf maintenance made simple! Extend the life of your lawn for to up to 10 years. Failing to maintain your lawn can cause damage to the appearance and quality of your turf, especially if you have pets. Over time, an unmaintained lawn will begin to show the following:
Odors (pet urine, bacteria, etc.)
Dirt build up
Dullness of luster
Harboring of molds and fungi
Slimy appearance
Flattened grass blades
Hardened surface
Seam rips
We recommend a twice yearly maintenance for standard, high impact areas to keep your turf in the best shape possible.


Artificial Turf is an ideal solution for all types of weather
Artificial Turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass
Little maintenance is needed
Great for children’s play areas
Durable for Pets
Save money with less water and maintenance
Long life expectancy
Looks great all year round!
Safe for children and Pets
Environmental Benefits:
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, landscape irrigation accounts for approximately 7 billion gallons of residential water use each day. It is estimated that up to 50% of this water goes to waste due to evaporation, wind, improper system design, or overwatering. Investing in Artificial Turf can significantly lower the amount of wasted water used for landscape irrigation.
There are several choices of infill for artificial turf. If you choose to use rubber infill, it is made with consumer used and/or recycled car tires, keeping this waste out of our landfills.
Fertilizers and Pesticides used to care for natural grass can and likely will end up in our oceans and landfills.
Other Benefits:
Saves money on maintenance, water, mowing
Use of recycled tires for rubber infill
Stays fresh through harsh weather: snow, heat, rain, wind, etc.